HotelsCert Hotels Certification is the formal confirmation of certain characteristics of Hotels. This confirmation is provided as result of review and assessment from our Travel Agency Experts (TAE). Our goal is to give a guarantee to travelers that certified Hotels have been reviewed and validated by a professional experts. Certified hotel will be listed on our website.  Certificate can be proudly displayed in your hotel for guests to view and this will showcase your hotel as a hotel that offers its guests certified hotel facilities and service.

You need to choose a certificate and pay certification fee. Our experts review your hotel and hotel will be granted a certificate, if meets requirements.

All hotels in the world can participate in our hotels certification. Does not matter, which size or where are they located. If you have any additional question please email us.

Yes. There are no limits.

Award means competition between Hotels, and only the best (one) can win it. Certification does not means such competition between Hotels. Certificate can be awarded to hotel which comply to given standards.

Hotelscert certificate issued for Hotels is valid for 5 years.

No. Small size hotels also can get certificates. Hotels are required to have 5 rooms as minimum.

Certification has been developed using a point-based system. There are more than 130 criteria with a note between 1 and 5. Each result depends on the rating from our data analyse, and is not compared with other hotels.

Visits are generally confidential, but sometimes we do inform all Hotels from a country / city of our visit if necessary. 80% of our information come from data analyse, and human analyses of testimonials, social media, pictures, and many other criteria.

95% of travelers look for certificates or other Testimonials before booking a new Hotel. HotelsCert.com Certificate provides you value and high visibility worldwide. We send results by email to member of Network Travel Agencies, and International Companies ordering travels for their employees and customers.  All guests will choose a certified hotel that offers quality service and facilities over those that do not meet this standard. Along with this we will always recommend new ways to increase revenue with existing facilities and highlight new revenue opportunities.